The State of 650B Rim Brake Compatible Rims

What are the rim brake compatible (non-disc) 650B rims these days? Below is a table of options. Most are made by Velocity (including the below offerings from Pacenti and Soma). I hope this is useful for all of the dozens (literally dozens) of readers!

Measurements above are given in millimeters and grams. Pricing may vary, prices given above are base prices from the Interwebs. Some of the polished Velocity rims are $30 more. Specs subject to change. I try to get this right, but am held harmless in the event of error. Should an error occur, please notify me.

If I’ve missed anything or if you can fill in the gaps above, please leave a comment and I’ll incorporate it into the table.


    1. Thanks for this table – it’s how I came across the TX-310F & I’ve been really pleased with them.

      I measure the ERD to a smidge over 573mm to the top of the nipple head. That measure should cover any variance in the depth of nipple shoulder etc

      I got mine from Grand Bois, but they’re out now. 8,000Y at Alex Cycles by the looks of it.
      Thanks again to both of you – still a great resource years later

  1. Was thinking of this blog the other day and had some notes to add:
    Velo-Orange Voyager:
    Mach1 MX: and ER-10:

    The Velocity Twin Hollow is listed as discontinued on their store and no longer appears on the main list: Their store shows that they still have Synergy rims in 40h, BTW. Although I’m sure it’s leftover stock.

    Thanks for maintaining this list! Things are looking better for rim-brake 650B than one would expect at this point.

  2. Fantastic list, thanks very much! Stumbling across this led me to the Araya TX-310F, and managed to source a pair from Japan. For reference, I’ve measured the ERD to be 571mm, measured to the bottom of Sapim Polyaxs’ nipple slot (or ~573.5 to nipple top)

  3. Here are more rims with a focus on availability in the EU:
    Kinlin XR31T – 415g
    Sellax ( – 460g
    Alexrims EN24 (= Thorn?) – 480g
    Kinlin XM25T – 490g
    Remerx Hit – 512g
    Mach1 ER10 – 520g
    Remerx L719 – 530g

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