650B Conversion Tire Clearance Repository

What bike(s) have you converted to 650B? What tires fit?

Have you converted a bike? Comment below with the following and I will update the table:

  1. Make
  2. Model
  3. Year (or era)/serial number/distinguishing feature(s)/color
  4. Frame size
  5. Largest 650B tire that fit
  6. Any 650B tire(s) that you tried that didn’t fit
  7. Brakes used in conversion
  8. Other comments


  1. Nishiki Comp II 1986 – 56cm – 38mm Col de la Vie, 38mm Soma B Side fit and 42mm Hetre 42mm fit. Tektro R559 brakes.

    Torelli Columbus lugged steel frame, possibly from Cinelli Corsa factory, approx 1983-4 – 57cm – 38mm Col de la Vie and Soma B Side fit, 42mm Hetre 42mm also fit, but without enough clearance to be really safe. Tektro R559 brakes.

  2. Make: Katakura
    Model: Silk
    Year (or era)/serial number/distinguishing feature(s)/color: Full chrome, ca. 1984
    Frame size: 61 c-c
    Largest 650B tire that fit: 650b x 38 with fenders fitted
    Any 650B tire(s) that you tried that didn’t fit: na
    Brakes used in conversion: Tektro 559
    Other comments: Easiest conversion I’ve ever done…this bike fit the tires/wheels almost as though it were designed to do so. Fork was medium trail though.

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